Russian missiles launched from the Black Sea by ships of the Russian Black Sea Fleet on February 10, 2023 at 10:30 a.m. crossed the airspace of Moldova and Romania and from there attacked targets on the territory of Ukraine

Russian dictator Vladimir Putin tested NATO on the determination to protect the airspace of the member countries of the alliance

The national air defense systems of Romania and Moldova did not react in any way to the violation of the airspace of their countries.

Russian dictator Vladimir Putin tested NATO on the determination to protect the airspace of the member countries of the alliance

Also, there was no reaction to the passage of a missile over the territory of a NATO member country from NATO air defense either.

The umbrella over NATO territory did not even try to open.

This is already the second case during the Russian-Ukrainian war when NATO military structures chose not to notice the violation of the borders of a participating country of the bloc.

Before that, there was a case when a Russian missile fell on the territory of Poland, also a country included in the bloc, damaged Polish property and killed a Polish citizen.

However, through the joint efforts of the NATO leadership, Poland and Ukraine were persuaded to admit that the fallen missile was a Ukrainian S-300 anti-missile system.

Where did the missile at which the Ukrainian S-300 system fired, as a result of which the supposedly Ukrainian anti-missile fell on the territory of Poland, disappeared?

Moldova expressed concern, Romanians remained silent

Thus, the Russian dictator Putin once again tested NATO’s determination to defend the countries included in the bloc.

Most likely, next time Russia will fire cruise missiles on the territory of Ukraine already from the side of the Mediterranean Sea, where the Russian Federation has a large group of missile-carrying ships.

If it was possible to push NATO in Romania by half a bump today, then most likely next time Russia will check the bloc for a political decision to shoot down Russian missiles from the Mediterranean over the territories of Greece, Macedonia, Hungary, Romania or Slovakia.

The only thing Russia is definitely afraid of is attacks through Turkish territory.

All because of the sad experience of fighting in Syria, when Russian planes there began to regularly fly into Turkey for a short time.

Erdogan then without hesitation warned the Russian leadership that there would be a violation of Turkish airspace, even for a meter, you will receive an adequate response.

During another short-term violation of Turkish airspace, its air defenses did not hesitate to shoot down a Russian military aircraft.

After such an execution, the Russians completely stopped provocative flights and violation of Turkish airspace.

Here, during the violation of Romanian airspace, NATO showed weakness, and this was undoubtedly appreciated by the Russian dictator Putin.

Thus, during the next rocket attack on the territory of Ukraine, we will observe how Putin will use a group of warships to launch missiles with impunity

And these missiles will fly through the airspace of NATO member countries.

After 2014, the modern world received from Putin a new principle of interaction between countries — the one who has strength, arrogance and aggression is right.

This is how one artist from Austria started the Second World War in the thirties of the last century.

He was simply handed a hand late and that is why the world survived one of the bloodiest wars on the planet.

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