The problem of dehydration of Crimea seems to have been solved by the explosion of a climate bomb.

The consequences of the explosion of a climate bomb. The purpose of the explosion is to replenish the Crimean reservoirs with fresh water.
The consequences of the explosion of a climate bomb. The purpose of the explosion is to replenish the Crimean reservoirs with fresh water.

Unprecedented showers and rains covered the entire Crimea and adjacent territories. Rains flood the South and South-East of Ukraine, the Rostov region floats in Russia and of course the Crimea.

The epicenter of the explosion of the weather bomb fell on Kerch. This Crimean town is literally drowning in water.

The message that under the bottom of the Sea of Azov is a huge source of fresh water in the Crimea was received with enthusiasm. The peninsula literally dried up after Ukraine blocked the North Crimean Canal. Local Crimean reservoirs were losing water at an alarming rate.

Thin and thick hints to the Ukrainian leadership from Russia that Crimea will face a humanitarian catastrophe if the water supply to Crimea is not resumed did not have any effect.

Therefore, there were hopes that huge reservoirs of fresh water under the bottom of the Sea of ​​Azov will be able to solve the problem of water supply to Crimea.

Soberness and disappointment came when pilot drilling showed that this water is not suitable for drinking and the water supply of Crimea will not save it.

Then, to save the Crimea from drought, a climate bomb was set in motion, capable of causing precipitation in a certain place on the Earth.

Experiments on weather control both in the USA and in the USSR were conducted for a very long time, since the seventies of the last century. The device of a climate bomb is simple — local effects on the atmosphere by spraying chemical reagents can cause either persistent drought or catastrophic precipitation.

Muscovites have known the influence on the weather for a long time — when over Moscow, before the parades, planes were raised into the air that sprayed a reagent that causes precipitation outside Red Square. That made it possible to conduct parades in this way, despite the threat of downpours.

This is the simplest model of influence on the climate, figuratively speaking, it is a small climatic pomegranate.

To control the weather on a global scale, within the Earth, a global network of weather stations, powerful supercomputers capable of calculating millions of data in real time and a working weather model on the planet were required.

Obviously, all three components for controlling the weather and detonating the climate bomb are ready and working.

If you have noticed, in recent weeks, there have been periodic reports in the press about border violations by aircraft and their interception by the local air force.

These planes, one can assume, influenced the atmosphere in local points of the planet where the impact was necessary, but because of the alien airspace, it was impossible. Therefore, they influenced the atmosphere at the nearest accessible points.

For example, it would be necessary to spray an aerosol over Hanover, but this is impossible. Therefore, they sprayed nearby, where possible, even with the risk of intercepting the aircraft. And that’s why they used military ships.

Landing a military tanker or a converted bomber of a foreign country at your airfield is still more difficult than a civilian aircraft.

That is why the climate bomb exploded not exactly over the Crimea, but received some displacement towards the East of Ukraine and some regions of Russia.

The purpose of influencing the atmosphere with reagents was to change the established air flows so that rain clouds would move in the right direction and create a concentration of rain masses in the required direction.

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Thus, it can be assumed that the rains that have flooded Ukraine and Russia in recent weeks are man-made. The purpose of the explosion of a weather bomb is to fill the reservoirs of the Crimea.

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