Tip number one — always back up your video posted on the channel in the youtube.

First of all, you upload a full-fledged, say, 4k video but download, in which case you will succeed only in a lower resolution. Video compression algorithms on YouTube (youtube) are built in such a way as to save space.

Secondly, your video is located on someone else’s YouTube servers (youtube), controlled by employees who are indifferent to your creativity.

For them, all the video — and excellent and bad and honest and stolen and honestly stolen and dishonestly clogged is just content.

If the youtuba algorithms see fit as necessary, then the fruits of your creativity will be deleted as two bytes on asphalt. Nothing personal — just business. And yes, as you know, computers are never wrong (c)

Tip number two — keep in mind, no one will bother with your channel in tech support for youtube. For the same old «good» Soviet excuse — you are many and I alone — in the queue, sons of bitches.

Therefore, think carefully about the text of the appeal in the u-tube (youtube) — nobody will especially read your opuses. Viewed diagonally and well.

Be prepared if the answer you just naham instead of advice. This is especially true for the treatment of channel owners from Eastern Europe. Nakhamil, accused and closed the topic. All have nowhere to go. Swam, we know. Second grade — not the first

Be prepared for a response from the youtube robot to your email address. In fact, to the bureaucratic Soviet unsubscribe, hello USSR! Yes, yes, I write this about Yu-Tube (youtube)

A small life hack for u-tub channels (youtube) from Ukraine — it is advisable to write questions and complaints to tech support in English — this is more likely that your question will be considered impartially.

Questions on YouTube (youtube) in Russian will be considered at the Russian headquarters as Ukrainian branch of the u-tube (youtube) no. And God forbid if your channel will not deal with political issues.

Tip number three — never believe youtube in his promises. They live, it seems on a sundial and the promise to consider your question during the day or within a month to consider the application consider just as an optional promise.

As the old Soviet prisoners said do not believe, do not be afraid, do not ask. The first third of the saying is absolutely 100% correct in the u-tuba (youtube)

Tip number four — do not be fooled by the offer of help from the youtube help, and especially you should not waste time writing comments. Well, where at the end of each explanation is the question — did this help help you?

Believe the five-year experience of communicating with the help of you-tube (youtube) — as it was written in an unreadable cloth style, that is how it remained.

This reference from youtube (YouTube) to the unforgettable speeches of Leonid Brezhnev, General Secretary of the Central Committee of the CPSU of the Soviet Union, looks like a lot of common places, a lot of empty water and no specifics

Tip number five — do not waste time on seminars and useful tips in the form of videos from youtube (youtube) — for the most part they are divorced from life and are generally acceptable to an American audience.

No, no knowledge is superfluous, and from the heap of rubbish you can benefit, but you can spend time on these tips, of course.

Tip number six — the user is most annoyed when the author of the video begins to greet and begins to walk in circles around the topic. Believe me, few people want to watch this bodyguard. The person went to the youtube channel (youtube) for an answer to his question briefly and on the topic and not to listen to the cleverness around the topic.

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