YouTube’s new Assisted Trim tool lets authors cut controversial pieces of video directly into their profile. So they will spend less on monetization, say the company.

In late December, content creators on YouTube received a tool to show their copyrighted videos. It also allows you to cut out these controversial snippets rather than deleting the entire clip. This is stated in the official blog of the company.

The «Restrictions» section appears on the Videos tab of the YouTube Studio panel, showing you what specific snippets are infringing or abusive. The user can then cut the disputed part using the Assisted Trim tool.

If the claim concerns music, YouTube still proposes to «silence» the controversial snippet, cut it out, or replace it with a legally permitted one from the YouTube library.

The upgrade should help users not lose the monetization of their videos, say the company. Today, YouTube is blocking video revenue if it has received a copyright complaint. The video service approach allows attackers to manipulate the copyright system for their own purposes. To improve the situation in July 2019, YouTube obliged the copyright holders, when filing a complaint, to specify the exact time intervals of the disputed snippet so that the authors could not delete all the videos entirely.

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