Monetization of the channel in the u-tube (youtube) - something that you will never be told in technical support
Monetization of the channel in the u-tube (youtube) — something that you will never be told in technical support

To monetize the channel in Youtube is a laudable business and a useful thing, but the pitfalls and closed rules and instructions create filters and barriers, because it seemed to shoot video and cut money — what could be simpler and more profitable?

It turns out everything is not so simple in the monetization of its channel in the u-tube (youtube)

From early to mid-2018, the channel monetization program has undergone significant changes. Plank subscribers to the channel was raised to 1,000 people and the number of views to 4000 per year. And only upon reaching this threshold, you will be allowed to request a channel monetization program.

Delays in consideration of applications were truly monstrous, promises to review the channel during the month, were not fulfilled before the end of the month, and soon the you-tube team began to hang simple promises — let us consider that’s all. Maybe in a month, maybe in two or maybe in half a year or never. Everything is possible.

The reasons for refusing to monetize the YouTube channel (youtube) of the channel were, as a rule, stolen, borrowed content. And if the video content was mostly overlooked, the sound recognition system worked with a bang.

There is music in the background in your video — be careful — you may have stolen it, a popular melody sounds in the tv in the corner of the frame — all this is the reason for refusing to monetize the youtube channel.

The paranoia of copyright on YouTube (youtube) has reached a peak, and cunning businessmen did not fail to take advantage of this. Under the protection of copyright in YouTube youtube put almost all the songs — copyright, folk, and even their own, personal.

It is enough that the algorithms of youtube (youtube) saw the coincidence of the sound signatures. It is no exaggeration to say that the sounds of natural events can also coincide with your audio content. Well, as a result, the refusal to monetize the U-Tuba channel (youtube)

Think it all? No, the number of subscribers per 1000 people on YouTube is just that this transnational corporation can only deign to look at you. Serious relationships and serious consideration of the channel on YouTube is starting from tens and hundreds of thousands of subscribers on the YouTube channel (YouTube).

U-tub (youtube) is a fully commercialized corporation with a cold and pragmatic approach to the authors. You spend time, money, resources, create unique content for youtube (youtube) but you and nobody will achieve anything until the level when the probable income from displaying advertising on the channel does not cover the costs — the salary of personnel, the cost of equipment, the cost of electricity eventually.

Therefore, you should create video-based requests from advertisers and video because of which youtube will not have any complaints about legislation in the West.

Videos with the beauty of nature and the world? But nafig, a roller with a pair of flies flies will cover them like a bull sheep! Appliances and cars? Yes, let’s go in both hands — there you can hang ads from car manufacturers.

Videos with children? No, refuse! What if you didn’t blinded the baby’s face and he will grow up and sue youtube? Deny unequivocally.

Here, arguing in this way, you can understand which videos are in demand for youtube (youtube)

Further, for fear of manipulation, that is, using these rules in the work of u-tub (youtube) and not those that are written in the cloth of the rules of the publicly readable language that are publicly available in the notorious help of u-tub (youtube) you will easily be offered to complete the quest in go there without knowing where and find what we meant when we offered to read the rules.

No one will ever tell you or show an error that led to the refusal to monetize the channel and never in the u-tube (youtube). General advice — please do not wait for specific assistance.

Why because it can lift the veil over the true working rules and algorithms that are governed by the youtube (youtube)

Guess yourself what we had in mind when you were offered to read the rules in the help of Yu-Tuba (youtube). Which, I repeat, are written in the cloth inhuman language of machine translation.

The point is the following in the hidden rules of the youtube. You will never be told about this because politically it is intolerant and in principle it is discrimination.

But videos created for an American or European user will always be ranked higher than for a user from Eastern Europe.

And thus, some Emir Kusturica would never have had a chance to rise on YouTube (youtube) if he started creating for YouTube from Serbia and not from the USA.

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