This article was written from the experience of many years of communication with the YouTube video host, as a result of which strong convictions about this service have developed. I will share conclusions and impressions with readers.

The first thing to remember and clearly know that YouTube is a pragmatic commercial organization subordinate to one task — to make a profit, profit and once again profit.

You should not think that YouTube can promote morality, upbringing or education. These tasks for YouTube are non-core and derived from the main task.

Child protection? Nonsense! The restrictions on videos with children’s content are dictated by the pure desire to avoid lawsuits from organizations specializing and parasitic on the topic of child protection.

Avoid spending on lawyers, litigation, and fines. Nothing personal, moral or socially useful — a pure business. Is revenue from product advertisers for children less than claim costs?

So you need to tighten the rules for children’s content. And hundreds of thousands of video bloggers specializing in content with children who have spent millions of hours creating videos go to the bottom.

The slave owner does not need a problem slave and they are getting rid of him. He is not killed, it is cruel and requires effort. They just stop feeding him. He will die himself, it seems.

Have you created a beautiful video with enchanting landscapes? And hoping to get YouTube coins for it?

Look at your flickering pictures through the eyes of YouTube. Can this be monetized? Can I attach thematic ads here? No or not profitable. So your great video is doomed to failure.

Even James Cameron with the Titanic, without the creator’s magic and direct advertising, would be doomed to YouTube’s algorithms failure. Who needs a catastrophe movie about the beginning of the last century where you can’t insert ads on a smartphone or Facebook?

Are you looking for justice and posting videos about bribes, corruption and injustice? Think about whether the algorithms of the YouTube monster, this global monopolist, can advertise on your video? No ? Then your video is doomed to failure.

Therefore, in order to become successful on YouTube you need to discard moral justice, beauty, and love for children. You have to think like YouTube’s algorithm and then the monster will succeed and monetize you.

Through the thorns of YouTube to the success of YouTube. You must patiently wear the crown of thorns of a YouTube slave and martyr to achieve the opportunity to be heard. Heard, perhaps.

YouTube loves those who have gained subscribers and views. Could get into the top? So you can put more ads on your channel, get more profit and throw a piece of it to the creator like a dog’s bone.

And you can be heeded if, again, YouTube algorithms find that the revenue from advertising on you will be higher than the cost of fines and lawyers.

After a certain level reached on YouTube, the complex mechanics of dictatorship over the creator comes. The creator of the video content becomes a wordless slave that can only tick off — read the rules and agree with them.

Of course I agree. Do you have a choice?

Creators of content for YouTube are afraid of losing the results that have been spent on the most expensive in the world — your time and become hostages of the situation.

Have you heard of Stockholm Syndrome? This is when the hostages take the side of the bandits who seized them and justify and support them, taking their side.

YouTube is certainly not a gangster, but the relationship analogy is very similar.

Think about it when you decide to play a game, the rules of which the partner changes during the game.

Have a nice YouTube

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